Who are we

Evolve is a Deep-Tech Company, specializes in artificial intelligence, signal processing, and acoustics. We work on the frontier of machine learning and solve complex problems for various industrial use cases. Our state-of-the-art AI technology enables crystal clear communication with machines and is used in industry 4.0 and VoIP applications. By detecting spurious events of machines we make your instruments more reliable. When having a telephone conversation, we remove unwanted noise patterns enabling crystal clear communication and high precision speech recognition. Have a look at our reference projects and IP stacks!

Call Centers

Bad phone quality is a real problem. Using Evolves AI Speech Technology, you can remove unwanted background noise and overlapping speech, enabling crystal clear communication. This is important to improve both the perceptual audio quality and speech intelligibility. We can extract a single person's voice, solving the cocktail party problem. Our technology improves the audio quality by a factor of two and can be integrated as a cloud or edge solution. Have a look at our audio demos!
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Did you know that almost 30% of car accidents happen due to the use of mobiles and touch screens? This is a serious problem, which can be prevented with the use of automatic speech recognition and Evolves technology. Evolves AI speech modules extract a single person's voice in a car, regardless of background interference. This enables crystal clear communication and high precision speech recognition. By learning the acoustic sound landscape of car interiors, our technology achieves 2x higher audio quality and 5x lower word error rates in noisy environments. Have a look at our audio demos!
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Industry 4.0

Predictive maintenance systems (PMS) estimate when equipment failures occur. They prevent machine failures by taking relevant actions. PMS monitors future failures and schedule maintenance cycles in advance. This results in several cost savings, including reducing the maintenance frequency, minimizing the maintenance times, minimizing the downtimes of machines, and the cost of maintenance. Evolves technology can detect spurious events of machines by analyzing sensor data. Our solution can be deployed in both the cloud or on resource-efficient embedded devices.
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