Our Mission

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow¹"
Evolve is a high-tech startup specialized in machine learning, signal-processing and acoustics. We build learning machines able to solve difficult industrial problems such as speech recognition, acoustic noise cancelation, speech separation and synthesis.
¹Anthony J. D'Angelo

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Our Technology

Our Solutions

Evolve offers three main technologies boosting your business process. Acoustic noise cancelation, speaker separation and speech recognition. This technology could be used in automobile industry or smart home systems. Have a look at our showcases

Automotive Industry

There are officially more mobiles than people and more than 1 billion cars around the world. Navigation apps are frequently used in cars via those devices as an alternative to car manufactures gps services   ▷

Consumer Electronics

Speaker separation is a technique splitting a speech signal into its components. Imagine multiple speakers talking. Humans and speech recognition systems have a hard time listening to a specific voice   ▷


Our technology was rated 2x higher in terms of audio quality by humans, compared to products placed on the market. In case of speech recognition we reach up to 5x higher acurancy using various backends such as Google, Amazon, Baidu or Nuance   ▷

AI Chips

There is the need for energy efficient AI systems running locally an small hardware. Evolve provides an resource efficient solution for both noise cancellation and speech separation, running on lightweight computer chips   ▷

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