AI Prediction Maintenance

The AI Predictive Maintenance Package (PM) extends your portfolio with a strong AI platform, including systematic data maintenance, systematic data analysis, scientific pattern recognition- and reporting-modules. Our data experts help you to integrate predictive maintenance AI solutions tailor-made for your machines. This allows convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance, preventing unexpected equipment failures. Using PM, the condition of equipment is constantly evaluated using periodic or continuous (online) condition monitoring. This makes maintenance activity most cost- effective and leverages the suitability of machines.

AI Machine Monitoring

The system powered by artificial intelligence uses on-premise AI modules processing data-streams locally. Lightweight, fast and memory optimized AI models are executed directly on the machine. besides inference, a GPU-based AI training platform is adapting PM algorithms to your machines, constantly improving over time. All AI modules are combined with web- based interfaces, allowing 24/7 information display. Web-interfaces simplify data labeling reducing data errors to a minimum. Relevant machine statistics and key performance indicators are shown in real-time. Data-connectors and data-hubs preprocess and store relevant information for long-term usage, aligned with your AI data strategy. By combining cutting edge technology, precise technical support and scientific expert knowledge our AI industry 4.0 solutions help you stand out from the market.

AI Model Customization

Accelerate PM using our AI prediction maintenance platform, including automatized systematic data acquisition, automatized AI training, systematic AI testing and model deployment, tailor-made for automotive test-benches. Our AI experts adapt all AI algorithms to your machines and sensor information. We provide long-term support, including model retraining and adaption to new data. This enables to precisely detect spurious events leading to reliable event detection systems.

Quick Facts

AI powered Prediction
  • Tailor-made AI PM
  • No additional servers needed
  • Systematic Data Acquisition
  • Systematic Data Analytics
  • Systematic Model Training
  • Integrateable into existing software platform
Data Visualization

  • Central deployment to workstation or cloud
  • Data visualization with real-time graphs
  • Easy to access web interfaces
  • Support for QR tokens
  • Data labelling